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Category: Art & Design - Graphic Design
Friday June 25th, 2010
Yea it's been a great week for me! Emotion: smile.gif

S3 finally released their new pack and after being the runner-up two times I was chosen to be the featured artist of this exhibition. It's amazing Emotion: biggrin.gif It's great to see my work for the group finally paid off.

You can read the interview here:

I highly recommend to have a look at the huge typography project our group pulled off. We managed to create the word "Le grand cirque des couleurs" in a collaboration of 19 different artists. You can check it out here:
Sunday January 31st, 2010

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Hey I just found this new group and it's pretty awesome!

You can insert a URL of one of your own works and then check other works in order to get views in return! It's guaranteed. Try it:


Wednesday January 6th, 2010

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Yay, I happen to be one of the semi-finalists. <img border=" title="Emotion: smile.gif (Smile)" />[link]

My entry:


I must say I feel bad for all the awesome submissions which didn't make it to the final selection even though they are clearly better than mine, but I do understand it's a tough procedure to choose the finalists wisely. I'm honored to be one of them!

One of my favorite submissions was this one, I think:

However, I highly doubt I'll be one of the three winners, but you may still keep your fingers crossed for me. <img border=" title="Emotion: wink.gif (Wink)" />


So, the new group system is running for a few weeks now. What do you think about it?
I am contributor of the #Photo-manipulation group and my experiences with these new groups are... not that great. I haven't seen so much drama on dA for years as in the past few weeks.
Personally, I don't see the benefit of groups which keep flooding your inbox with lots of deviations every day. Sooner or later everyone, even the most patient, will unwatch them. So I think it's better to collect artworks which serve as an inspiration for other artists instead.

There's also a slashTHREE group in the making, you may watch for updates <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" /> : [link]

death_is_waiting_for_you_by_0BO.jpg Apocalypse_by_pierremassine.jpg TheMangot_II_by_SABERCORE23.jpg c__est_la_vie_by_AdonisWerther.jpg Ether_by_red_riding.jpg The_Last_Stand_by_FISHBOT1337.jpg The_Cage_Keeper_by_R0GUEART.jpg
Saturday November 14th, 2009

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And who doesn't?

Then take a look at this: [link]
The new SlashTHREE artpack is out! We were struggling with that theme for quite a while now, but against all skeptics it turned out pretty nice imo. 74 works! I especially love the music submissions, they are very complex and atmospheric.

I'm in with 5 works, one of them is a collab with ~AbaBlitz. I must say he did a great job. <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" />

we'd appreciate if you fav the news article so we get more exposure. <img border=" title="Emotion: smile.gif (Smile)" />

<img border=eace:" title="Peace" />

Monday November 9th, 2009

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:iconpain-gfx: He is from Germany and his gallery is full of awesome flash works and designs. Maybe anyone is interested in a collaboration?

The main reason I feature him here is because he bought me a new sub. <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" /> Really awesome man, thank you!!
Show him some love!
going_under_by_PaIn_GFX.png space_marine_by_PaIn_GFX.png

Expect new works from me very soon. <img border=eace:" title="Peace" />

some features:
f585bd17b134022d047be0c2b12c736d.jpg 8bb49335f44c838cf4017d4c018b3b82.jpg a07f419c94cab28731a812c1dceec7c2.jpg 2a29b37d1d976fe2226dacfc5a252d79.jpg Letum_by_cugar.jpg We_Tigers_by_ishbu.jpg Phantasma_by_R0GUEART.jpg matte_landscape_by_godbo6.jpg Golden_Past_by_desired18.jpg Twofold_by_StrangeProgram.png she_collapsed_by_agnes_cecile.jpg Apotheosis_by_jashackh.jpg All_the_things_I_love_by_esstera.jpg

Sunday October 25th, 2009

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Yep, I'm alive, sort of.
Sorry for my absence lately, I'm still around trying to answer all comments I receive, but I don't really have time for new art and the reason is the same as always: Uni is killing me again. BUT, I have already finished a few works which are waiting to be released in a few weeks. One more space pic, a matte painting and a photomanip. I hope you won't be disappointed, I personally really like them. <img border=" title="Emotion: smile.gif (Smile)" />
I am also trying to update one or two of my older works in the meantime.

A few days ago I have won a cover contest. Do you know the game "Dragon Age" and is anybody going to buy it? Anyways, I have won a Dragon Age cup, a signed calendar and a poster. <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" />

btw: I have added a wallpaper section on my homepage. There will be a few exclusive wallies in the future, too!


Fella_Wolfian_by_tgw_Raptor.jpg Out_There_by_bloknayrb.jpg Racing_City__Mitsubishi_Lancer_by_7skywa The_Empire_by_geograpcics.jpg The_Hot_Gates_by_ShadowElement.jpg SPIRIT_OF_PARIS_by_Sallow.jpg 7198a25e34eb4ce3685d110a78ff84bc.jpg Sinister_Plans_by_ChrisCold.jpg HEAVY_WATER_by_ICDP.jpg IN_by_brandonwagner.jpg b997b9f11f9d648b39333d00eb96e1d1.jpg Alien_Queen_by_synax444.png

Category: Art & Design - Graphic Design
Tuesday September 8th, 2009

Hey, I have a double page in the latest issue of Advanced Photoshop UK! I am really proud since it is my very first feature in a magazine. Hopefully there are many more to come. <img border=" title="Emotion: smile.gif (Smile)" /><img border=" title="Emotion: smile.gif (Smile)" />
I have even won an one-year-subscription to the magazine which is awesome. <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" />


Nothing else really happened in the meantime. I have a lot of sparetime now, at least until October when uni starts again. And I try to use the time to create new works, but I must admit I am a bit lazy and play games rather than work my ass off with Photoshop. <img border=" title="Emotion: biggrin.gif (Big Grin)" />

6th_by_insaneKaffeine.jpg com_cept_13_by_tigaer.jpg Deep_Diver___by_Randis_by_randis.jpg Nocturnal_Dream_by_pipper_SVK.jpg The_transition_by_White_Heart.jpg Evil_by_StrangeProgram.png 6106c27b0a1128b10a27e3116e5fe5fd.jpg
You MUST check this guy out, he's AMAZING: :iconrandis:

Wednesday August 19th, 2009

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I have been working on a new artwork. I saved the file, closed Photoshop. After that something went wrong when I shut down my comp (vista). Now when I try to open this file PS opens a document with the same size but just one single black layer in it. The preview thumb, however, still shows the correct file so I still have small hopes that it might be fixable... I've already tried several things, yet nothing helped... <img border=" title="Emotion: sad.gif (Sad)" />

I am grateful for any help I can get.

Dreamer_by_spherco.jpg mangled_by_tonare.jpg Creative_Destruction_by_0dio.jpg R_E_V_O_L_U_T_I_O_N_by_doeasembilanpro.j Blood__Milk_and_Sky_by_Wishmistress.jpg Uncontrolled_by_Keid.jpg Dreaming_by_skam4.jpg Galactic_Segregation_by_Nuukeer.jpg Basic_Elements__Fear_by_KatjaFaith.jpg Metallic_Botany_by_silesti.jpg The_Dragon_Charmer_by_Owll.jpg 84d089522e53487558721dc6c4d84193.jpg Her_Other_Self_by_Concept_Substance.jpg Story_Of_My_Life_by_myaki_ru.jpg